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Hacking the Future

We incubate innovative ideas. Why is that necessary? The biggest challenge with innovation is everyone talks about being innovative yet few actually practice it. Why is that? Humans intrinsically resist change. They fear the unknown.

Toolhacker’s founding team has used several creative tactics to help propel innovation, including creating a “Chuckle” #youcallthatinnovation meme t-shirt and hosting #PizzaChampagne parties worldwide. Now we are launching a Mighty Networks innovation-forward community to help members seize opportunities based on enduring market trends, and institute innovation practices.

We know that many things need to be reinvented: business, education, finance, government, healthcare, infrastructure, transportation, even social media. Toolhacker members will no doubt address these challenges, but we are crystalizing ideas to catalyze these markets:

Catalyst Markets

Here are just some of markets that will receive extra ideation, to help kickstart your innovation journey at Mighty Networks.