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Microsoft Copilot

Copilot (formerly Bing Chat)

Jan 14, 2024 | Generative AI

Bing is dead. Long live the new Bing, now called Copilot. In February 2023, Microsoft entered the AI chatbot race, launching Bing Chat, which used the ChatGPT platform. In November, Microsoft gave Bing Chat a new name and website, increasing its resemblance to ChatGPT while expanding its capabilities.

The best news is that utilizing the standalone Copilot site no longer requires using Microsoft’s Edge browser, a prerequisite for using Bing Chat. This means that the site is now more accessible to all users. Microsoft Copilot users have similar capabilities to ChatGPT, including submitting photographs and requesting AI-generated images, generating text conversationally, composing essays, making letters, summarizing content, writing code, and providing sophisticated answers. Better still, Copilot is built on the most recent GPT-4 from OpenAI.

This isn’t surprising since Microsoft invested $13 billion in OpenAI in January 2023 for a 49% stake in its for-profit arm. Unlike the free version of ChatGPT, however Copilot has internet access, allowing it to provide up-to-date responses on current events. Copilot’s chatbot is the best way to enjoy GPT-4 for free right now.

Pricing: Free (limited to 30 queries per interaction).

Michael Tchong

Michael Tchong

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